South American Strategy

To reaffirm that the presence of foreign troopses cannot, with its means and tie resources to own objectives, consequently to threaten the sovereignty and integrity of any South American nation and La Paz and security in the region. To instruct to its ministers of Outer Relations and Defense to hold an extraordinary meeting, during the first fortnight of next September, so that after a greater transparency they within the framework design measures of promotion of the confidence and the security of complementary way to the existing instruments of the OAS, including concrete mechanisms of implementation and guarantees for all the countries applicable to the existing agreements with extra-r3egional countries of the region and; as well as to the illicit traffic of arms, the drug trafficking and the terrorism in accordance with the legislation of each country. These mechanisms will have to contemplate the principles of unrestricted respect to the sovereignty, integrity and territorial immunity and noninterference in the internal subjects of the States. You may want to visit Paulo Coelho to increase your knowledge.

To instruct the South-American Council of Defense, so that South American Strategy analyzes the text on. White book, commando of Movilidad Area (AMC) and realises a verification of the situation in the borders and elevates the resulting studies to the Council of Female leaders and Government and Chiefs of State, in order to consider courses of action to follow. To instruct to the South-American Council of Fight against the Drug trafficking that elaborates in urgent form its statute and a plan of action with the intention of defining a South American strategy of fight against the illicit traffic of drugs and fortification of the cooperation between the specialized organisms of our countries. Original author and source of the article.