Social Assistant

Of years 90 to the current days, the Brazilian social politics have been white of contrareforms for the State and reduction and redirecionamento of the conquests of the workers in the Constitution of 1988. The beginning of the government of Fernando Enrique Cardoso, the Brazilian society started to live deeply an overwhelming campaign around reforms. These, guided pra the market, in a context where occurred the social and economic problems in the scope of the State and passes to be pointed as central cause of the economic crisis initiate in years 1980. From such ideology they had been indicated as mediated to the reform of the State, with emphasis in the privatizations and the social welfare. The changes in course, brought for this neoliberal ideology, happen in the efetivao of the referring devices constitutional to the social welfare. The call remodels of the providence that if seated in the diffusion of a crisis of the previdencirio system, in which the Brazilian government, from diverse strategies – between which the ample use of the media – searched to construct in civil society a consensus for the reforms, had given to new routes the providence, creating mechanisms of aiding to the market. Arguments as the excess of social demands sancionadas by the Constitution of 1988 that, it brought excessive costs for the providence, beyond the growth of social expenses without the creation of new forms of financing, had contributed so that the principles that anchor the social welfare as protection politics assumed a character of social insurance and the necessities of the capital were if overlapping the conquests of the workers. Under the fallacious covering of ' ' deficit of previdncia' ' , changes had become whose process if would characterize as a contrareform in the measure where, intention biggest are to restrict right of the diligent classroom. Below, the budget of the social security in the period of 2007 is had the 2007, as it forms to illustrate as the form budget is divided to contemplate the politics of health, providence, work and Social Assistance.