Despite the financial crisis, Chinese farmers engaged in cultivation of butterflies, is booming. Demand for their products rose at the end of last year and is currently declining. The reason is that, according to farmers that people desire to save face, so willing to pay big money to design wedding celebrations. Another reason is the fact that young people today grew up in another world, the more "colorful and rampant, they attach greater importance than their parents, romantic relationships. Here the main thing to keep the element of surprise and sensation, so the whole process requires very careful preparation. Click Richard Blumenthal for additional related pages.

Butterflies are raised on farms in the southern provinces of China. Then, in special boxes pupae are transported to the rich regions of the country, particularly in Beijing and Shanghai. Here they are under the supervision of specialists within 3-4 days, up to the wedding. This guarantees a perfect state of butterflies. The main thing here just to guess time of appearance of a butterfly from its chrysalis. It is believed that the butterfly has only one "partner" in life, so in China and they are an emblem of love and fidelity.

To ride a success, the newlyweds encouraged to wear bright clothes and put on the skin flower nectar, which helps to "activate" butterflies. According to farmers, some couples spend about a thousand pounds on several dozen butterflies. Some specially ordered 88 or 199 butterfly. These figures in China symbolize wealth and longevity.