Secret Teachings

Its civilization will be destroyed and all subrasy this race will go down in the respective cycles after a short cycle of fame and learning. This is the time experienced by our earthly humanity at the end of a small circle of his consciousness. Time shift distribution is the transition from one evolution, intelligent, to the evolution of the spiritual, when spirituality will prevail over the intellect. So The sixth race will join their rights to new lands, because by law the evolution of race and subrasy same circle should not be miscible with the races next round, and each race is evolving to be sovereshennee earlier and have more sophisticated, high-quality thinking and development of spiritual intuition. Disasters occur for different reasons. One is the tilt of the Earth axis. Our globe is subject to seven part-time shifts on its axis, which correspond to the end of the evolution of races.

From the Secret Teachings of occultists know that during our Fourth Round must occur seven terrestrial pralay caused by a change in the tilt of the Earth axis. This inexorable law, does not blindly acting in quite some time, contrary to the assumptions of science, but in strict accordance and compliance with the law of Karma, in Occultism called 'Great balance. " Science recognizes his ignorance about the causes producing climatic vicissitudes, as well as changes in the direction of the axis, which are always accompanied by these vicissitudes. Therefore prefer to stick esoteric explanations. Over time, the appearance on this earth of mankind has a physical four similar upheavals associated with the slope of the earth's axis had occurred. The old continent – except for the first – were absorbed into the oceans, there were other lands and huge mountain chains were raised, where they were not there before. The planet's surface each time was completely changed, 'the experience of the fittest' and races claimed a timely help; unadapted and unsuccessful – were destroyed, being swept off the earth's surface.

Of course, this selection bias and does not take place between sunrise and sunset, as one might think, but will require several thousands of years until the new house will not be put in order. Subrasy (as in our case) are also subject to a similar purification process, and their lateral offshoots – related to race. The beginning of this 'cleansing process' should already be in the second decade of our millennium, after a wave of earthquakes, across the earth. Map relief changes of land given by the American clairvoyant E. Casey back in the forties of the last century. And we remains only to prepare for future changes now, and the governments who realized the inevitability of change, to agree to relocate people whose land will flood the seas and oceans. While they do not believe anything and do not want to know anything, but we know that the British Isles – the first in the list of victims. These are the occult explanation. Maybe you shall consider. November 2004. Others including Richard Blumenthal, offer their opinions as well. Anatoly Hapilin