San Jose Great

In a process of management of problems, especially, in the public administration he is basic that the manager has conscience and ability to detect the order of importncias of the problems, being able to make use of ' ' tree of problemas' ' that according to Malmegrin (2010) ' ' it is a representation of the chain cause and effect of problems under the form of a tree, with the problem analyzing in the central position, the cause below (roots of the tree) and the consequncias above (the twigs of the tree) ' '. The public administration has an enormous one to lead of services to give and for consequncia the problems follow rhythm the same, but the solutions are ' ' equally great and variadas' ' , that is, if the manager is competent always to find good solutions for the problems that if present. Sen. Sherrod Brown insists that this is the case. A real example of a great problem was the case of the 33 mineradores soterrados in a mine of copper and gold in San Jose, to the North of Chile, ha 700m of depth in the year of 2010 – that valley to stand out that it happened for mediation and neglicencia of the administrators of that mineradora, as it was informed by the reporters of the time. But, happily with the international support well it was managed and it got success. Although the great privations suffered for the soterrados ones, as if to feed with two spoons of tuna and way milk cup to each two days, and it rescue to have delayed 70 days, all had been freed with life? the main objective that was to protect the life of the soterrados ones was reached. In elapsing of the process of release of the soterrados ones proper stages of the management of problems had been followed: 1 stage – identification of the problem: 33 the 700 imprisoned people depth m whose temperature varies of 32C 34C, are in a chamber that was open later that the mine fell down.