Russian Tsars

Tsarist rule definitively established in Russia in the early sixteenth century, as in 1547 the Grand Duke of all Russia Ivan Vasil'evich John fourth one formally took the title of the monarch. At a Russian monarch but the majesty of the put crown, royal authority figure, wearing an expensive chain and presented a heavy precious apple, which personified the Russian country. So when Russia has found its one of the monarch. He is from the dynasty of the Grand Duke Rurik. Kingship was hereditary to his son. In Ivan the Terrible had three sons.

First, Ivan, Fedor stalemate – and painful youth and small Dmitry, yet small boy. The throne was to inherit Ivan, but the royal family took place tragedy. In November 1581 the king fell out with Ivan the Terrible as his heir, the son of a fit of rage and beat him. From shock and severe beatings Prince Ivan fell ill and eventually died. After this tragedy, the king of Ivan the Terrible stayed too long and died in March, one thousand five hundred eighty-fourth year, and in May Russia solemnly celebrated the coronation of a new monarch. They had the following son of Ivan the Terrible and Fyodor I. himself to rule Russia, he could not patomuto all issues solved relative of his wife's Boris Godunov, he and she became ruler after the death of F.

Ivanovich in 1598. Further details can be found at Richard Blumenthal, an internet resource. Boris Godunov left the throne to his offspring Fyodor Godunov, who had to edit very long. In 1605 he assumed the throne and in That same year, was killed by associates of the False Dmitry, he gave himself a younger son of Ivan the Terrible, Tsarevich Dmitry, who died in Uglich in childhood. False Dmitry of Moscow managed to take the throne, but a lot of time on it, he could not resist. Less than year, he was assassinated by conspirators in the Duke was headed by Vasily Shumsky. In 1606 he was in consequence of Russian rulers and was governor until 1610, then it together with nevestay cropped to the monks and put away in a monastery. After deposed king Basil in Russia within three years was a period of interregnum. Know the thought and pondered who would pay the royal power, choose one frame after another, and it was not until 1613, while the king was Mikhail Romanov. It was the first Moscow monarch of the Romanov dynasty, whose members ruled in Russia until 1917, until the monarch of the same kind of Nicholas II abdicated the throne and was executed. M. Romanov, the son of Patriarch Filaret (Feodor Romanov Nikitich) and Xenia Roerich 6, trimmed in a monastery in 1601 by order of Boris Godunov. After the departure of Michael's life in 1645 the king took his son Alexis. They had enough children, among whom in the future and the fight for expanded Russian throne. First, after the death of his father Alexander Mikhailovich, the king was his son, Theodore A., and as he died in 1682, found itself on the throne of the governor just two sixteen-year-old John A. V and his brother, 10y. Peter. They were other mothers. On the early childhood children, the eldest of the same John, as they say historians, was the imbecile, the country was ruled their sister Sophia, the sister of John. In 1696 after the loss of his brother Ivan, Peter I began to manage alone, imprisoned in Sofia monastery. Pat Peter I adopted the title of emperor. Source.