Russian Community One

The leader of the Crimean Communists L. Rook after awarding Kolesnichenko the Order of Friendship ', said: "I can not congratulate Kolesnichenko, knowing his very deep and long, with this award. I can only regret. We know from Kolesnichenko Crimea since the late 80s, when he was one of the most ardent nationalists. We Kolesnichenko know today. This man, who called for the return neo-fascism.

" And it's not just words, 'Simpatico UPA' Kolesnichenko even named one of his closest associates, the chairman of the Russian Community of Crimea, a member of the Board 'of the Russian Language in Ukraine' C. Tsekov. As they say, no comment. Art of this highly professional interviewer lies in the fact, to show his true face, perhaps even carefully concealed from the general public, that the correspondent for Kolesnichenko, perhaps, was quite successful. In this respect, at least one more remarkable expression Kolesnichenko, which is apparently a characteristic of his political opponents from the standpoint of the ruling party: 'Today, the government pragmatic people who are at the forefront of states have put human rights. A different dust under the boots was, is and will be '.

The fate of "dust under the boots' is quite clear even without further explanation. AND this is not a reservation, it is a position shared by his closest associates. For example, board member of his 'human rights' organizations C. Provatorov after the presidential election is very 'figurative' and, more importantly, in'hristianski 'enlisted 45.47% Ukrainian citizens who did not vote for Yanukovych, in the category of 'goats' and 'chaff'.