Roman State

The text presents a clear language and therefore it obtains to portray in few pages the context where if it found the education in the Roman State, initially being to have only of the family and later starting to be of responsibility of the State. The text presents details where the reader can build a dialogue coming back to the time and making to understand one little of the start of the history of the education. Reflections around the pertaining to school institutions Romans in the period of the Empire and the Republic; the education in the family; the military education; the private education; the Education as public incubency of the State. The period treated in the text is around 509 a.C until 476 middles of d.C. It is possible to establish viabilities and some assumptions of as the text is treated in accordance with heading, this occurs because when making its reading: ' ' The Education and the Romano&#039 State; ' we verify that the content was developed around the pertaining to school institutions in the period where the Roman State governed. The author created probabilities around the beginning of the process of organized escolarizao or not, its stages and as this occurred. In the Roman State a development in the educational system happened, that of beginning was only responsibility of the family, and soon later, after some events, also started to be incubency of state.

In the republican phase (509 the 27 a.C) the familiar education Roman can be characterized by basic principles of the respect and the incorporation of the ancestral customs. Age of responsibility of the mother the education of its children until the seven years, that englobava the biological aspects, intellectual and moral. From now on the father if puted in charge of the education them boys. The girls learned domestic tasks with the mother.