Who will be responsible for the quality of the Russian construction, if the majority of construction companies will come out of SROs in the construction and licensing system will be restored? The bill proposes to add Art. 1 Development Code the concepts of 'general contractor to perform engineering research', 'chief designer', and 'general contractor for construction and reconstruction of capital construction '. In addition, Art. 60 Development Code has been amended, under which third party liability in the event of harm resulting from defects of the work on engineering survey, design and construction will now be general contractors and master planners. At the same contractor and general designer have the right of recourse (regress) to the persons directly perform specific work, the shortcomings were damaged. General contractor and general designer are obliged to ensure control of construction work performed independently and through subcontractors. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Paulo Coelho and gain more knowledge..

In order to improve the quality of SRO in the building provides for the transfer of responsibilities the builder (customer) for the implementation of building control on the basis attracted by contract entity or person. This will allow many developers to transfer non-core functions by qualified professionals. Because, after reducing the number of members of the SRO in the construction of their compensation funds substantially reduced and the remaining funds may not be enough to compensate for possible damages to third parties, the amount of contributions to a compensation fund for general contractors and SRO General Designer increased. In addition, for the general designer and general contractor installed a differentiated minimum contribution to a compensation fund SRO depending on the cost of design and construction, who plans to carry out the general designer and general contractor. Thus, the minimum contribution to a compensation fund self-regulatory organization for one member of CPO, which has a certificate of admission to implementation of civil works construction, may be between 500 thousand rubles. (If the company plans to organize the construction of which cost under one contract does not exceed 60 mln.) To 10 million rubles.

(When the cost of the work under one contract of 10 billion rubles. And more). A minimum contribution to a compensation fund for construction of SRO in the general design will be 250 rubles. (If a member of a self-regulating organization plans to organize activities on preparation of project documentation, cost does not exceed 25 million rubles. under one contract) to 1.5 million rubles. (If the cost of the preparation of project documentation one contract is 300 million rubles. and more). The minimum sum insured for damage compensation to victims to 5 million rubles. for members of the SRO designers and surveyors, and 10 million rubles. – For members of the SRO in the building.