Research Model

Stores in DE classic design, single row, placed in the handle, and can contain 9 rounds in .357, 8 rounds .44 or 7 rounds – .440 caliber or .50. On a stationary shaft on top are made grooves for mounting optical sights. It should be noted that the development of design 'Eagle' is not stopped. Last issued in Israel had the model designation of Mark VII, but most Americans like everything American, and because developers pistol – the firm 'Magnum Research' decided to postpone the creation of a gun in the United States, at the same time moving to new versions – the so-called "Platform Mark XIX '. Ohio Senator shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. XIX platform model called not by accident – the fact that the very 'platform' – this pistol frame with a trigger mechanism, venting the drive and the slide frame.

To create any of the 8 possible modifications of the model XIX is only necessary to establish the 'platform' interchangeable barrel caliber and length of the desired (2 variants in each caliber – 152 and 254mm), set the appropriate shutter in the frame and select a store for the correct cartridge. Thus, having one 'Platform' can have up to 8 different guns, which gives greater flexibility to use (especially important when hunting in different places and at different beast), and cost savings – a set of additional barrel, bolt and one store will be approximately 500 to 650 U.S. dollars, and the new 'Eagle' – from 1200 to 1500 dollars of the same U.S..