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Intellectual Property In accordance with the provisions of Royal Decree 1 / 1996 of April 12, by approving the revised text of the Intellectual Property Law. After obtaining a favorable legal status was approved with No 1998/41/12727 of May 5, 1998, Ministry of Education and Culture of Spain, that the method is legally registered Chest, registered and protected as a scientific work, whose author is D . Jaime Parejo Garcia in the General Registry of Intellectual Property No 23 474. Complementary II Briefing Note Regarding the castration of male dogs needed for officially identifying persons, explosives, narcotics …, report that it is a proven preventive measure justified and carefully adopted for dozens of years, almost generically by Canine Corps Brigades officers. Pheromones are chemicals or mixtures of substances which are issued abroad by an animal, certain effects on the behavior of an individual recipient of the same species. The deal specifically we are sex pheromones of female dogs, whose main component is a benzoic acid derivative, which when low molecular weight is therefore very volatile, which is present in urine and vaginal secretions and the dog normally generates during proestrus and estrus.

If the male is neutered and in good time, sensory perception of pheromones mentioned him place over a variable period of time, stress responses visible hamper the effectiveness of learning or the conduct of research work, as appropriate, for example requiring a certain level of sustained attention, more or less intense, memorize … presented in all cases, a set of patterns that reveal specific and unambiguous to be affected by that state (repeatedly make the tip of the tongue outside the mouth to nose contact, accused interfering conduct a visible marking and associated disability of concentration) and obviously seriously impede an adequate learning process or in the case of an exemplary operational, which would be a satisfactory outcome of the search behaviors, implying a continuing risk of tragic consequences, not enough to perceive odorous molecules of such a person buried alive or a camouflaged given load of explosives, although those values were within odoriferous emissions as called stimulus threshold (value of stimulus intensity, in this case fragrant, below which, it is not perceived). Jaime Parejo Garcia, Author scientific-technical and Technical Director of Chest Method.