The Red Army

Why I am interested in history? Very simple – I grew up in a Jewish village, and nearby was the village of German. Near his parents' house was modestly obelisk carved with his father from the cartridge shell star – were buried under it either twenty, thirty or whether the Red Army. Directly behind our garden lay in a mass grave were killed Nazis my Jewish fellow-villagers, and in every garden, but in a blackthorn scrub zarostali graves of German soldiers. I played with the boys in the neighborhood 'Ruska' and 'Nimtsiv' and get into the 'Ruska' captive Jewish boy Ben shouted: 'Hyundai Hoch, Jerry! " And we played the trunks of these rifles or machine, and only pockets were full of ammunition, and mines with I was a master of shells to collect. Often sat in the tall grass on the ground burnt and restored 20 years, the school and played in the German glass bottles. On them learned to read German, caps on the wells recognize all military German teminologiyu.

So loved the language – I have lived in their midst, and the age of 6 has decided to become an archeologist. So I started reading history books and learn what they are … lie. Like any child in a Jewish environment, I was an excellent student and immensely respected The view of older people: his grandfather Beni Yaruhima grandfather, grandfather Shulim. Their native ancestors, I only saw the photos. That's why some grandparents, the villagers were talking about a very bad Grandpa Lenin and praised some of Trotsky, and Stalin and Hitler on said one word – shayze.