Reach Anything

You are the creator of your life! You have the power, the ability to create the days you want, if you read my previous articles carefully, have understood that everything that happens to you what you think through your enthusiasm, your decision to want to change and improve! Hear someone talking about the bible or read the Bible when it says that God is your provider and you will lack nothing! Well yes, but be careful not to be referred to sitting there and watching the belly rasgandote TV all day you get the money you want, for nothing! That is false! That means that when you decide to buy something, when he decreed a goal, and put it in writing on paper, suddenly, unexpectedly and almost magical show you the tools you need to achieve what you decide to get! In these respects, God will provide everything you need, seek and find, ask and you will!

Then, you decide, the life you want to have, only you, not the government, not society, no friends, not your dear family, or your own parents, life depends only on you, and nobody else! This what I always say! If you get success is thanks to you, your courage, your conviction, your wisdom, your enthusiasm, finally thanks to you! If, on the contrary, you do not think it will happen to you, the results are disastrous, ill, liability will also be yours! Do not blame anyone! If things are not like you is because they simply do not have the courage to take responsibility and control of your life! Come on, decide to reach the top, as high as you can, depends only on you! If you agree and there is no way you discipline yourself to fail! And if not, then do not complain, do not complain, do not blame anyone! Do not get to mourn as a woman, something you could not obtain and defend like a man! Start today! You know you can! Do not limit yourself! Do not wait until tomorrow! Start today! Success is not the most important! That’s all! Miguel Angel Cornejo.