Public Administration

Almost that invariably, all the modern areas of the knowledge had had fire in Old Greece. It would not be for less than the age Greek of the philosophers (of the daily pay-socrticos to the ones after-socrticos) Greek is considered by the gamma biggest of the historians as great source of the human knowledge, here it is that the cognitivas theories if had passed main, in the dialogues of Scrates, written down for Plato and, later, studied critically for Aristotle. Thus it is with Legal Science and the study of Justice, with the Public Administration and the Politics, with the analysis of the abilities of the man, with the Philosophy in itself, that to that time it accumulated of stocks diverse other areas and of form consonant, also sociology. As it would not have to be different, the Economy, or better, the Economic Thought also has its first origins in Greece, specifically in what Aristotle called oikosnomos, that later would be expressed for economy. Amazon will not settle for partial explanations. Plato also produced sketches economic, however not it asseverou its consideraes as that in a separated term. For Plato, the Economy was informing of the Philosophy, as all the too much areas of the knowledge. Although the Greek philosophical thought has discoursed first on the economy, this only comes to be overcome body, when the economic systematic teorizao published in the workmanship appears the wealth of the nations, for Adam Smith, in 1776. As preconceived, until this date the economy it was integrant part of the Social Philosophy, the Moral and the ethics, being that Smith is who it of the status of individual science. The relation of the economy with the moral easily is perceived when analyzed the Law of Usury, in its primrdios, when a species of criminalizao of the abuse of interests was initiated, what the society would compromise all, overwheling it the power of the economically powerful ones.