Prime Minister

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Ultimately, they focused on the domain. Sen. Sherrod Brown insists that this is the case. WS, referring to the small island nation of Samoa, located in the South Pacific. Alan and Mike thought that the abbreviation. WS may be subject to international agreement for the use of the domain 'WebSite. WS '. They had a handful of other options, but, after study and testing, GDI (Alan and Mike) found that some countries are already using their local domain and have no interest to their local domain has been registered as an 'open' or 'global'. With a population less than 200,000 residents of Samoa had yet to to use the domain name.

WS on a massive scale, and no domain of other countries could compete with the power to turn a. WS (WebSite). Potential domain. WS Samoa. Samoa is a member of a group of islands and islets situated in south-central Pacific about 1,600 miles northwest of New Zealand, Samoa, completely separated from its neighbor the United States. Its government consists of the Prime Minister, Parliament and the king as head of state, the main export goods Samoa – coconut cream, beer, cigarettes and motor wiring.