To be able to leave fingerprint on a specific audience, before will have to analyze how we perceive and decide if it is what we want to reflect, have a goal defined with a message clear, directed toward the goal and the ability to convey and engage our captive audience. And with this, you can succeed? My professional and work experience has revolved around advertising and corporate image design and now observing new trends in advertising, I realize that what is currently done with people, it is the same as with the products of emerging brands. In this whole process of creation of the automarca, On Line reflects the personality is essential. Internet is the showcase for global talent, and if you’re not in line with the new trends and create a Personal brand strong and defined, you will lose the opportunities that others will take advantage. Remember you are your own brand and the President of your own company and if clear that can succeed! If you liked this article, share it on social networks. And don’t leave without leave me your comments at the end of this page, I’d love to know that you’ve been here! Until next time!