Presenter Fernando Lion Speaks

Looked for the reporter Joo Wilson to say on the accident occurred in the Interior of SP Lion, it says that what had published on ' ' briga' ' it is not truth, I did not fight still more with nobody with drunk, but he is thus same still distort the facts had said that it also leaves irritated is not truth, same in the damage leaves giving laugh, when it said that I would be imprisoned for stopping in the way of the street not aguentei, only drunk to say this, I said! I arrest the lighthouse not, and I gave laugh I came back changed of car and came to So Paulo, but already I ordered to arrange is ready, asked on the Politics, R. Mr. is not same Candidate the Member of the house of representatives? Lion, I am not, now I go to leave the PTB, filiar me in another party and to leave candidate Mayor de Carapicuba in 2012, even though very premature to speak on possible candidacy I have exactly is that to take care of to work, and who knows later thinking about future politician, not necessary of this, R. Mr. return with the program in the television? yes with total certainty I I come back, R. has forecast when return? Lion in the month of September provalvelmente, R. in the NGT? Lion yes in the NGT is my house (laughs) to it there finishes of this interview I Reporter Joo Wilson in the trick said Lion goes to pay the lunch? Lion answered, ' ' we do not go to say in this subject for am of Jesus Christ ' ' if paid you nis go (it was many laughs) but finished it paying rsrs, you thank Mr. Fernando Lion, were very likeable received, well, demonstrated me very to much affection and humildade..