Politician Rotation

Project Pedagogical Politician: a project and two proposals curricular In the School, the Project Pedagogical Politician is the way of if to materialize the reality to be worked, in order to become an efficient form, must be constructed and be lived deeply by all the involved ones with the educative process of the school. The term Politician if of the one for articulating the commitment of the education to the interests of the community. Pedagogical for the educative actions, making possible the pertaining to school intention to the formation of the citizen. In the PPP of the School importance of the construction of a collective project is argued it. However, the form of act of contract of the State makes it difficult that some educators remain for a great period in this educational establishment for not being part of the Proper Picture of the Teaching. We can stand out that this ‘ ‘ rodzio’ ‘ of professors still it continues: The rotation of the educators and the precarizao of contracts. Many assume in fact the proposal and make to happen the education that is structuralized and constructed, leaving of the principles of the education of the field and of formation of the citizen Without Land, but this is not consensus between the educators (they idem, P.

14) In the proposal of the analyzed School can assure that the same one finds difficulties in constructing an education proposal that contemplates to the emancipation human being. This rule if shows a problematic one, therefore the rotation of the educators does not allow the continuity of the process of construction of the PPP. In the analyzed document, we see clearly the concern with the rotation of the educators. How to guarantee the participation of all? How to carry through the project pedagogical politician? How to materialize resulted positive? All this problematic one generates dissatisfactions, a time that stops the ones that remains the year all again initiates many of the quarrels and for the news it is the imposition sensation.