The people if appropriate of the language since infancy and of this form they become related. Following this boarding, the child when learning the said language, already verbalizada, the thought becomes susceptible the repetition and the analysis and at the same time launching hand of its intellectual constructions, says intelectualizada it. The learning is the conversion between stimulaton and reply in the same axle of the knowledge. It requires deliberate effort of the apprentice. The professor uses its previous knowledge so that the pupil develops its abilities and consequentemente he acquires new abilities. In a piagetiana boarding, he understands – that the process of learning if of in accordance with the periods of training of the development. He treats yourself to find the break-even point between the assimilation and room.

As Piaget (1975) claims: That all project of assimilation tends to feed itself, that is, to incorporate elements that it are exterior and compatible with its nature. also claims that all project of assimilation is obliged if to accomodate to the elements that assimilate, that is, if to modify in function of its particularitities, but, without with this, to lose its continuity (therefore, its closing while cycle of interdependent processes), nor its previous powers of assimilation. (PIAGET, 1975, P. 14) Complementing this boarding, Pan (1985, p.23) affirms that: ' ' the learning is the result of the joint of internal and external factors of the proper citizen, the organism, the desire to learn, the cognitivas structures and the behavior in general ' '. Still according to Pan (1985), learning possesss some contradictory functions, amongst them is distinguished it socializadora, repressora function and the transforming function. In the socializadora function: the school works inside of a social project, where the human being acts so that this is integrated in its environment. That is, to live in society, being learned to know and to coexist new cultures, to also acquire new knowledge and the convivncia with the other of a natural form followed by behavior rules, in accordance with its right-handers and duties.