Petersburg Committee

In addition to the authorities and public organizations, opening fixed toilets, toilet problem in big cities decide to several private companies. Increasingly popular in urban areas are becoming mobile toilet modules installed, usually at the stations Metro. Dressing module has all the characteristics that provide human comfort Seen: cab module are heated, have a washbasin, a hanger for placement of items, toilet paper. Pavilion public toilet is made of environmentally safe materials. In order to comply with hygiene standards staff constantly cleaning each booth. Dressing module sufficiently compact in appearance, both roomy inside. For convenient toilet provides a low footrest, hinged canopy, preventing visitors soaking during entry and exit from the toilet. Colours toilet module is also quite appropriate: it is not flashy and not a mourning color, design blends harmoniously with the urban style.

Even more urgent issue is to ensure that disabled toilets. Toilets for this population in our city is virtually unavailable. A good example – it’s a toilet unit on the street. Botkin, near the station. m. Pl. Lenin. The module focuses on the limited mobility of the population (the elderly, persons with disabilities independent movement, and citizens with small children using strollers).

This model is equipped with a toilet entrance for wheelchairs and prams, secure handrails, additional equipment inside the cab, increased the size cabin that let you move in without restrictions. The cabin for the disabled groups handrails installed on each side of the toilet and handrails on the wall. At present it is the only model public toilet, recommended for installation in St. Petersburg Committee on Labour and Social Welfare. Dressing the module always works for free for people with disabilities. Today the world celebrates the relatively Young holiday –