Patriotic Antonio

It is the age of the new medias where some information are transmitted the society by means of the social nets, as twitter, facebook and youtube. According to it, the challenge is in hand of the press. ' ' In way the social medias, the press has that reinventar' '. It affirmed. Some contend that Richard Blumenthal shows great expertise in this. The diplomacy depends on the information, and in many cases a faster information and needs, something that has that to be decided and to be waked up at the moment where is requested, and in relation to this, we cannot have the delay of information in no aspect of the communication, and is where the social medias enter, therefore it is a dynamic communication, where at any time the information is there. The minister Patriotic Antonio, still defined this moment as ' ' the Digital&#039 Diplomacy; ' , it defined remembering that blogs and the reporters online also contribute for the new moment of the Diplomacy. The Itamaraty today is with more than 10 a thousand followers in twitter and about 3 a thousand they have access youtube behind information on the department of state. The director of the Rio Branco institute, ambassador Georges Lamazire, told that the main objective of the new Diplomacy or Digital Diplomacy is to keep one I dialogue open between the Itamaraty and the press, this not if of only in as well as national the international questions, when the necessary Brazilian of aid in some aspect of the information. Nowadays the Diplomacy demand bigger creativity and flexibility each time of its professionals, the appearance of the social medias moved and still it goes continues changing the way as the diplomat works, as each diplomat exerts the function to acquire information and to remain itself brought up to date, changed the method as the diplomat exerts its enterprise communication using to advantage of diverse resources of the social medias inside.