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If repairs to office premises, you should consider in advance the organization of office space with partitions. Well in advance to decide what to put office partitions – fixed or mobile? Currently, office stationary partitions, you can use aluminum and plastic profile. Partitions are fabricated, economical and lightweight partitions, which can be combined with glass or plastic. Aluminium fixed wall is put only in the office is not required to keep noise and heat insulation. Stationary partitions can be used in all offices, especially if there are requirements for increased noise and heat insulation. Plastic dividers to organize the office space in a single color scheme.

Partitions allow for quick work on the redevelopment of the room. This much faster and more economical than to build walls of brick or drywall. Moreover, that such stationary partitions create too closed compact spaces, dividing the office on corners, no inferior room in a communal apartment. Lost ease office space, staff office seriously long time in a confined space. Office partitions is better to make light materials, because in the future will be easy to dismantle barriers and put a different configuration of the office rooms. Make alterations to the office with walls made of heavy materials is rather difficult. Especially because office partitions made of plastic or aluminum sections are made, and can be used several times in the production of the next redevelopment office.