OF the PUBLIC HOMAGES a thing that before did not happen and today occurs quite frequently is the homages the authorities, public figures or in prominence. Old the people were more austere, less affective, they were not praised very and almost they did not speak regarding qualities ones of the others. It was broken of the beginning of that to be complete, to possess honorabilidade and to act correctly were part of the attributions of each one, man or woman, in its respective area of performance. Not to be in the half clerical and the Armed Forces, in function of promotions and decorations, it did not have homages. But, of times for here, to praise or to homage people became one practical common one, mainly in the half academic, enterprise politician and, as if this was a prize to somebody for being honest, to be a good citizen, a good person, floor in the line or to have done its work correctly.

By the way, in the way politician, it is what more one becomes. With the public money. Today they homage indistinctly presidents, ministers, governors, members of the house of representatives, senators, directors, professors, directors of institutions, entrepreneurs, employees and people in general that they are distinguished in its areas of activity. these public homages are folloied of trophies, medals, diplomas, certificates, etc. The last ones that it saved of being homaged was the judges, presidents of courts and appeals court judges, but today nor they escape. all accept this of good grado.

In the past, a public homage could characterize a comprometimento attempt, for being the homaged ones in the obligation of being grateful and to repay, of some form, the received homage. But today not. An authority homages, and in the following week, it will be had that to condemn or to order to arrest that one homaged that it will make, it in the strict fulfilment of the duty, without no weight of conscience. Luciano Axe