“REPORT OF SYMPOSIUM ON EDUCATION LABOUR AND ENVIRONMENT 1. To address environmental issues should be taken into account the broader issues of economic and social development, poverty, consumption and quality of life. Environmental protection is a function of truly sustainable development, and conversely, can not succeed those economic policies that destroy the ecological basis of life. 2. A workers’ organizations, as institutions of social development, they bear a unique role as promoters of social transformations and as champions of sustainable development, environmentally friendly and this role must be recognized and in fact provided by governments and by employers. 3.

The right of workers to form their organizations and members thereof, the right to collective bargaining and the right to full participation are essential to enable them to contribute effectively to sustainable eco-friendly. Workers’ organizations and the ILO played an important role in promoting such rights. 4. Workers’ education assumes vital importance in this regard. To make their programs can contribute effectively to the promotion of policies and environmentally friendly projects must meet the following requirements: base its objectives and its methods on the experiences of local, provided with training facilities to facilitate the exchange of information and experiences lead to the participants define their own action plans and starting points for their activities and, in turn, develop their skills and strengthen structures must ensure the democratic functioning of the union.