Information is looked to it on the occupation of the patient, as: where it works, where it inhabits if it is tabagista, alcoolista or makes use of other drugs. If it travelled recently, if it possesss esteem animals (to determine the exposition the ambient pathogenic agents). Its recreativas activities, if make use of some type of medicines (also of the alternative medicine), therefore these information are very valuable it doctor to raise diagnosis hypotheses. Revision of systems: This revision, also known as interrogatory special sintomatolgico or anamnese, consists of an interrogation of all the systems of the patient, allowing the doctor to raise disgnostic hypotheses. Inspection: During the inspection, we can observe by means of the vision of the hearing and olfato, the nursing professional collects information to subsidize the cares that will be given to the patient. The inspection can be static, when the patient to remain in dynamic rest and when it wants to observe the corporal movements of the patients.

Percussion Consists of the accomplishment of blows in determined areas of the organism that allows to evaluate abnormality and intensity, vibration and timbre of generated sounds to detect the air presence, liquids or fibrose and to determine size of an agency. Palpao Is the examination that uses the tato and whose main objective is to identify the sensible temperature, humidity, forms structure position and places pain, the palpao is carried through in partial and deep way without completed by the inspection. In patients with toxoplasmose observe the linfonodulos through the palpao and if she has presence of pains in some region caused for the pathology. It auscultates Is the examination that evaluates the sounds produced for the organism that they possess amplitude capable to generate vibrations between its origin and the corporal surface.