Nurallah Centibas

El Comandante Reyes, with several people, was responded to his voice inspection with three hits, three times in a row. They were performing the tasks of clearing outside, from inside as they were starting to open, members of Fire Pereira, Colombian Red Cross and CPCIS de Huelva, was not viable. The Fire Department Piedecuesta, Colombia, moved from a significant distance the affected city of Armenia, worked, second by second, with the Canine Rescue Unit of Huelva CPCIS offering among other supports, transportation in its own official car and also informing people of the drawings that were made at points marked by UCR's CPCIS de Huelva. August 1999, day 18 in Sakarya, Turkey, is located by the dog method Consortium Chest Huelva Fire a man buried under a total of four floors, Nurallah Centibas (after drilling three floors collapsed and the thick mass of concrete that fully wrapped, we discovered still alive, but died before that we conducted the total release), rubble four members of the UCR Fire Consortium Huelva with members of the Turkish army and the guide-translator being officially assigned, Bona Murat Lazin . September 1999, day 23, in Pu-li (District of Nan-t'ou), Taiwan, a man buried in a collapsed structure Chen Chung market, is located (and extracted with life-time) method for dog Chest Fire Consortium Huelva. The news is transmitted by the Mayor of the city, EFE, (Fire Taiwanese Member rubble and being officially assigned guide-translator, Ivan Lee, Officer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan). November 1999, the 13th, in Duzce, Turkey, is located (and extracted in time to life), dog method Chest Consortium Fire Huelva, a woman, Sefa Cebeci, buried in the street Kuyumanzade Bul No 19 Quarter Mustafa Uzun (rubble members of Turkish Civil Defence and officially confirmed the location of the Bureau of International Crisis, which established in the city, United Nations).