Negro Service

It allows to know the temperatures and the time with a forecast four days. It is nourished of the resources of the Web and the Naval U.S. Research Lab. Google Maps is addition weather data to its graphs, a service that allow to know the existing temperatures and the time in all the globe, as well as a forecast of four days. The giant of Internet indicates in his blog official who this new service is nourished of the resources of the Web of meteorology and the Naval U.S.

Research Lab, that information of the effective cloud cover offers in all the planet. When looking for any region of the planet, Google Maps unfolds a map in which are the temperatures that do at that moment, if it is by day or at night, as well as icons that summarize the weather conditions: sunny, storm cloud, rainy, et cetera. If the user wants to obtain more meteorological details, can unfold a picture that includes a forecast of four days and offers data of humidity and wind (can choose the unit of measurement: miles per hour or kilometers by hour, degrees Celsius or fahrenheit). Street View arrives at the Amazon Images from the Negro river and of the adjacent communities in the heart of the Brazilian Amazonia they will be including in the service Google Street View, according to they informed Google and Fundacin Amazona Sustentable (FAS). The technology applied in that remote region will allow the world to participate in " tour interactive within the forest amaznica" , it emphasized in an official notice Virgilio Viana, general superintendent of the FAS. The taking of photographies, through boats and of a tricycle adapted with cameras for the terrestrial images, began this week and it will extend during another three more. Source of the news: Google Maps incorporates a service of meteorology