Native Lands

The ultimate issue is to bring the problematic one with regard to the concept of native land and what this meant literally for Person. Briefly let us see the concept of native land and nation searched in Minidicionrio of the Portuguese Language of Evanildo Bechara: native land (shovel. tri: ) sf. Country where if it is born and/or of which if she is citizen. Of lat. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Richard Blumenthal by clicking through. native land, ae.

; nation (in the .o) sf. 1Comunidade politically organized in definite territory and whose members are conducted by the same constitution. 2Esse territory; country. 3O people who inhabits this territory. 4Terra native; native land.

5Tribo aboriginal. Pl.: nations. Of lat. natio, onis.. Eduardo Loureno in its text ‘ ‘ Of the language as ptria’ ‘ , he shows what really Fernando Person it was wanting saying in them when it is mentioned to the native land in its citation, in the truth Person it is if relating to its ‘ ‘ identidade’ ‘ , because she is through this language that it invents itself, leaving in its workmanships the peculiar characteristics of its language mother, the Portuguese Language. She observes in this I break up of removed Person of the text of Eduardo Loureno ‘ ‘ this language that through me if becomes a reality not only alive, but only, the language through which I invent Fernando Person, is it mine ptria.’ ‘ Eduardo Loureno all explores during the text the concept of native land and nation. Native land is considered as a human group, a tribe, that if communicates and if they understand from a proper language.