National Lines

In 1996, although to have last a good time, FHC, it promulgated the LDB that also came with advances in the national education. The changes had been significant, therefore, the schools would have to reorganize, to create its pedagogical and curricular proposals. As in 1997 already he was managing of school public, I remember that we start to debate our first PPP and, our jump was significant, therefore changes d had occurred inside the school, also how much the question of the resume, therefore we start to understand that without the efetivao of these elements the t Currently I perceive that the generation new than adentra to the teaching, needs to have a little more than knowledge of the fight that was necessary for terms a public school as today. Clearly that she is not perfect, exists enormous problems and doubts to be decided, but, in we have of curricular democracy, pedagogical proposal, questions and conscience that the education is an important element in the construction and construction of better Brazil, this nobody has doubts. I perceive that we have a great concern with the solidification of the resume, as much in our school where I am manager, as in the municipal net of education that I am part and, also with the National Curricular Lines of direction, case of the Infantile Education and the PCN that give in them north and lines of direction for our education.

Obviously that if it must be intent to the new Laws and orientaes determined for the MEC, these must be led in consideration so that the education always has a good route. As we are members of the municipal net, we have in the Municipal Management of Education, the coordinators for area, together with professors of the areas you specify that they act with the professors in its classroom; together they construct the general lines of direction, by means of summaries, as well as of the construction of planejamentos so that the pupils have necessary knowledge e, thus, they are not outside of what the necessary Brazilian student to know – to reflect and to have conditions to act next to the way that coexists. It would like to argue regarding the area that I am formed: History. The form is fantastic as the new curricular conception sees ' ' historia' ' , considering one ' novo' study of the history and the professors of the Municipal School Councilman Odrcio Nunes de Matos, where we are manager, already had adhered this new conception and, our alunado started to like history more than. This is the reality of others disciplines. Therefore, in the Odrcio School a work exists all to not only value the National Lines of direction of the Basic Education, but, above all, to make with that the pupil has more knowledge from them. Perfection does not exist, still we have professors that they are not compromised and that little attention if of to the resume, this is another great challenge while manager of our public school. The important one is that we are walking so that the pupil can really have a quality education and likes the school that he frequents. Thus, to be very evident that the National Curricular Lines of direction for the Basic Education, gain each time more sustentation and, studies as of the School of Managers, contribute still more to alavancar the Education of Brazil.