National Association

The article refers to the possibility of reducing the number of SROs in the construction of a decrease in the minimum number of members of SROs. No prizes for guessing that the output of CPO in the construction of a large number of small construction companies to supply CPO in a difficult position. Because federal law 'On the self-regulatory organizations' set the minimum number of participants: for SRO in the building – 100 members for the SRO in the design and investigations – 50 members. If the SRO number of participants falls below the minimum, it will dissolve. The bill provides for the reorganization of the self-regulatory organizations in the form of mergers and acquisitions, which will SRO, created in different regions, to unite. In addition, the bill provides for the possibility of 'forced' the dissolution of the SROs.

National associations of self-regulatory organization empowered by monitoring the activities of self-regulatory organizations. In case of violations of the national association may issue an order to his SRO elimination. If the breach is not cured within the prescribed period, the national association will have the right to appeal to the supervisory authority to demand the deletion of information about an organization from the state registry. If information about the self-regulatory organization will be of State Register are excluded, all issued its certificate of admission to the construction works automatically lose their validity, and means the compensation fund such an organization will be credited to the account National Association of SROs and the appropriate kind may be made only on the implementation of payments associated with the onset of vicarious liability for the obligations of the liquidated SRO members. In the near future will appear as the possibility of legislative reorganization of SROs and their 'forced' liquidation. Part of the SROs in the construction (of the created exclusively to raise funds for construction of compensation funds) decide to dissolve itself, because the bill provides for the obligation to place funds CPO compensation fund only in deposits and certificates of deposit of Russian credit organizations that meet the criteria established by national associations of self-regulatory organizations. The money is already no one can 'steer'.