Muzarib Military

Among them was a native of the village Kyzburun I Muzarib Kupov. Even as a child was born his dream of becoming a soldier. He believed that only the army is able to temper the character, spirit men, make it strong and courageous. Therefore, there was no end to joy when in 1930 his nineteen-year guy, was drafted into the Red Army. And he came to serve in the Kabardino-Balkar national cavalry squadron, commanded by then Aslanbek Mirzoyev. Military affairs Muzarib studied seriously, and soon became an excellent student of combat and political training. And here is the first appointment – squad.

Diligence and discipline the young Red Army soldier, a true military vein, did not go unnoticed by his commander. As a reward Muzariba sent to Krasnodar, in the military and Cavalry School, he graduated with honors and returned to his squadron at the rank of lieutenant. In 1938, an officer M. Kupova transferred to a military unit in the Pskov region. This and began his road frontage. From the earliest days of the war with the White Finns Muzarib been at the forefront.

Our Soldiers confronted the cunning and wily enemy. The young officer knew that it just will not take, and tried to skillfully apply the knowledge of the conduct of hostilities, obtained in the cavalry school. But Muzarib was too hot. In violent skirmishes with the enemy first rushed into battle, his men showing an example of bravery and courage, and often forget about caution and your own safety.