Still if it can say of ability, deducing to be this the gradual potential of development and mobilization of the previous knowledge, to integrate knowledge and these to the reality, being been the service of what he is determined to make of it (component ethical). What it implies to think the proper aptitude to integrate capacities and to know and the ability of the knowledge to think on he himself, as Morin (apud AZEVEDO AND SOUZA, 2007). Of this form, to speech in ability, if it cannot leave of speaking in integration that suggests solidarity and complementaridade between diverse initially dissociados elements, through the construction of a translinguagem, tending one determined objective one. Thus, the ability is consolidated when the mobilization of the knowledge supplants the reflexiva attempt and incorporates established projects (PERRENOUD, 2001). In this manner, the integration if presents of different forms that can be: between knowledge at different moments; from detected necessities and of the possibility of some to know to elucidate and to integrate contents of others; between ideas that they need deepening in different dimensions and that they compose interests of distinct components of the public security, taking advantage a more solid understanding on estruturantes dimensions; around daily professional demands (op. cit). 2,5 Institucional evaluation the institution of the allied institucional evaluation to the strategical planning is primordial condition for effectiveness of the actions of the agencies of public security.

The inclusion of the quarrel of the direction of the existence of the institution in the society is one of estimated its. Also the knowledge produced on the institution is tool of citizenship and demand proper reflection on the practical one of evaluation (knowledge of the knowledge). In first place it must be clearly the object of the evaluation (hologramtico principle); the effect of the evaluation (recursivo principle) Cf. MORIN, 2003. As Azevedo and Souza (2007), the institucional evaluation exceeds the simple ones measured.