Ministry Ground

The full domain demanded itself of the agriculturists in the Colonial Nuclei on the ground, having to after know the most diverse ways of restoration of the land, preventing the exhaustion of the ground some years of culture. According to Ministry of agriculture is exactly this unfamiliarity of the use of the ground that would have taken extensive abandoned land zones, in short space of time, for being considered barren and duds, being that in few years before in the same land it had extensive forests. 6 In the Amaznia is not pointed by the documentation study how much to the chemical seasoning use; the speeches that are made on the ground of the region are of full mandate its fertility, demonstrating not the necessity of the fertilizer use. As Francisco Maria Corra de S and Benevides the agriculturist in Par would not have the concern in seasoning the land, a time that, ' ' to cultivate the land here, is not to develop and to increase the productive force of the ground; I oppose for it, is to fight with all energy against the superabundance of the vegetation, that invaded for all the sides plantaes' '. 7 Acreditamos, however, that not the chemical or fertilizing seasoning presence in the activities of the agriculturists in the Benevides Colony not if it must what Francisco Corra de S and Benevides called ' ' superabundance of vegetao' ' , but why the type of plantation developed in these areas if characterized for the reserve creation to be busy when it had the exhaustion of cultivated lands, what it excused to the adubagem and the agricultural fertilizao. Consideraes final Considering that the law of 28 of September of 1871 that &#039 imposed the provincial authorities to the obligation to study the necessities of the farming; ' in intention to provide them with remdio' ' , and that it finished fomenting the creation of the Benevides Colony, it was based on the necessity to increase the effectiveness of the governmental actions, beyond ' ' to improve the culture and preparation of the sorts agrcolas' ' with this ' ' to prevent, by means of measured providentes, males, for happiness transitory, but nor therefore less serious, that surgiriam' '. According to Connecticut Senator, who has experience with these questions.