Mexican Center

According to the Mexican Center for Philanthropy, the company that really assumes its responsibility with the environment and society must create a conscious and congruent commitment to fulfill the lineamientos completely to obtain the goals of the company as much in internal it, as in the external thing, considering the expectations of all participants in economic, social or human and the environmental thing, demonstrating the respect by the ethical values, people, the communities and the environment and for the construction of the communal property it is considered like a company with corporative social responsibility. He is really worrisome to see as the problem of the global heating increases, every time are less trees, more species in extinction danger and the water is being run out and that the inhabitants of the planet Earth we do not do the sufficient thing to save it. Evidently it is important that the culture of the recycling in house, to separate the sweepings and to do compostas is continued implementing, but to end a problem it is necessary to attack the causes, not them consequences, and the main cause of which the planet is dying is the great industries that still do not take a form to operate person in charge. And the worse thing is than these companies that contaminate the air, earth and water, destroy our forests and they finish the water, continue existing thanks to the fact that to them we continued consuming. As humanity we would have to demand to all company that becomes position of not being the cause to continue aggravating the problem, to do is it no better way than not to acquire its products, in this way we will be able, although not to back down the damage already done, to stop our own self-destruction.