Matthias Reim Again On Tour

1 million singles sold 2 million albums sold Matthias Reim in his career before 16 years, Matthias Reim sang “Damn, I love you” – and the then unknown singer, composer and former student of English literature this had a super hit unequalled to this day: round 1 million singles and more than 2 million albums… were read of it sold and the artist became a superstar overnight: Concert promoters, journalists, and television stations were queuing at him and his audience was enthusiastic. Also his two next albums were very successful – but then slowly began the descent: the concert halls were empty, his records did not sell and Matthias Reim underwent more his love affairs of talking with his music. The absolute low point was reached about six years ago. Its so happily begun in liaison with the pop singer Michelle failed, its management gave him high debts through reckless real estate speculation and his record sales have tended toward zero. Many would be on the same Life situation desperate. But rhyme became the fighter: he moved his team, rolled up their sleeves and he “began the fight against fate”, as he himself once put it. Continue to learn more with: Michael Jordan. After this break was equal to his first album on the charts, the next CD was successful.

In the music industry, suddenly was one of the big rhyme. But his breakthrough came in 2004 with his latest album, which bears the simple name of “RHYME”. The plate scored in the top ten of the charts – and rhyme went in the spring of 2005 on a small but fine tour. The success was overwhelming: sold out houses and frenetically cheering spectators. The latest album “Invincible” appeared in September 2005 that surpass pre-orders all expectations. In the spring of 2006, the artist completed a highly acclaimed tour through the halls of the Republic. The response from the public is enthusiastic, which sold out halls. For the current tour, there are still cards. Book their cards are now as long as still there are.