Marketing Politician

This promise resulted in a social debt, where the country that it searched to be had as modern firmed the commitment assumed for the new Republic (TELLES, 2006). FINAL CONSIDERAES From this carried through work it is possible that let us arrive at some consideraes of what came to be the movement of announcement of the republic in Brazil that took the institution of the Federative Republic of the United States of Brazil. Such movement was presented of fortuitous interest of the elite, therefore this if used of the fragile moment for which the monarchy faced to institute a new form of government. Such pretension reached the objective of the movement, the population did not mobilize itself as well as was not along with the event and which its purposes. It is in this context that the right of participation if firm as a basic right of citizenship.

To leave to recognize the differences and the fundantes especificidades of the diverse social groups, is not alone to deny the citizenship rights to them, but to deny it to them proper condition human being. Having these aspects in sight, the social rights do not have for objective to completely eliminate the social and economic inaqualities and the differences of social classroom. Its purpose is to assure that they do not intervene with the full exercise of the citizenship REFERENCES CNDIDO, Joel Jose. Hail law. In: Brazilian electoral law. So Paulo: Edipro, 2006.

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