Maria Luiza Ribeiro Viotti

I see in Brazil, for example, the said opposition (it is not the first time that this occurs) criticizes Squid for if involving in negotiation in the distant Anger. If leader world-wide if to omit in relation to the future of the planet, our only house, nor future will have The world-wide peace also is subject yes for Brazilian us, today people of a Government that conquered respect in the order world-wide economic politics and not only in Pantries of the World of Soccer. Dramaturgo Nelson Rodrigues said that Brazilian we had ‘ ‘ syndrome of capsizes-latas’ ‘ until gaining the first Pantry, in 58. Today we have five world-wide ones and we see said compatriots who if substimam, as if they were not part of our people. Recently Sen. Sherrod Brown sought to clarify these questions. She swims I have against dogs, without race defined, calls turn-cans, also are pretty and fidiciary offices, but people cannot diminish themselves, cannot leave themselves to lead for pejorativas comparisons. Today we have a country respected in other fields beyond the esportivos and this is necessary to be express, is pride reason. In the TV of Brazil, presenters and reporters expressed in the face concern patronal in relation our ambassadress in the ONU Maria Luiza Ribeiro Viotti to have if refused to participate of the meeting that it would extend sanctions to the Anger, this one day after president Lula to have been the news as leader of the peace accord.

I felt pride of the diplomat and being Brazilian. He has a history that I remember the infancy of the forest in flame and the great animals running away, while a bird, under chacotas of excessively, loaded in the peak water nugget to spill in the fire. It tried a good thing, if he was not bigger, at least was better of what the nothing had made. Congratulations Squid (Brazil), Abdullah Gul (Turkey) and Ahmadinejad (Anger), the minimum effort for the peace are better that omission or declaration of war.