Maria Kaminska

Of course, we complained to the police department district Vernadskogo, and even higher. Police officers was well known for this professional apartment. In response to our complaints Maria uchinyala us in the full sense of dispersal, being drunk. Incidentally, in another its state, we are practically never seen. Once, while being his usual drunk, Masha perpetrated on the landing trial with a neighbor for what she wrote in the police department another complaint. And while clarifying relations Masha inflicted serious bodily injury to a neighbor's daughter two years, for which he sat in jail for 2 years. Upon release, made shortly theft (Maria did not want to work and live somewhere should have been on something and his mother Svetlana from her refused, did not come, the money is not given, was still living with her son from her mother), and once again pleased to Nara.

Freed, has become even worse. And we, the neighbors continued to suffer. Dopilas Masha to such an extent that broke her "on drunk" femoral neck, and became an invalid. Compassion from his mother, Svetlana ya, not followed. Masha, indeed, being, so to speak, polubespomoschnom state, was given to itself, while not stopped the suit of Apartments drunken hangouts, and even rented a second room: living-then she should have been on something and even get drunk! We, the neighbors, "going crazy" from such a immoral behavior disabilities, for whom, sorry for such details, cleaned faeces, which Masha threw out the window as she threw out there and food waste.