Marcelo De Carvalho

The education is basic for the life of a society, if it can affirm that it has the objective nobleman of the systematic socialization, providing conditions to participate and to play its function to it in the group. The education is a continuous process, that demands of the individual a life position, requires to adjust itself gradually and to acquire new attitudes, social obligations and responsibilities. It is very important to distinguish the informal and formal education. In the informal education the individual learns for the convivncia, already in the formal education it has necessity of an educational process that folloies the social, economic and technological changes. The educational institutions are formal institutions, parts of an educational system that represents the complete universe of relations and social contradictions, being this form of escolarizada education the dominant trend of the modern societies.

The educational institutions, through concrete manifestations, search forms of socially useful knowledge, a true cultural universe to construct a set of knowledge that the modern man tries to dominate. In the formal education the educative function of the educational institutions (schools) is the cultural transference, known as culture, the set of knowledge, beliefs, moral, habits and customs incorporated in the individual that is part of the society (MARTINS, 1998, P. 25). The education in the school in such a way carries through its paper in the transmission of the general culture in way conservative as innovative, assuring the transmission them values that are considered useful. The educational innovation is a deep transformation of the educative quality, total made for a society joust. When we speak of society joust in we relate them to structure of process educative that inside allows a critical attitude of the social system, with the objective to enable educating so that it can analyze the individual or social reality, as member of the social group where it lives, always associate to the ambient basic concepts.

Azevedo says: ‘ ‘ When I suggest a transformation deep of our educative process I make, it for being safe from to contribute for the organization social’ ‘ (1980, P. 19). Real the educational innovation of Brazil is possible through modifications initiated with the Law of Diretrizes Bsicas (LDB) promulgated in 1998, and quarrel, for the Ministry of the Education, where if they show steps to improve the formation of professors in the diverse institutions and university of the State or of private initiative for educators of basic education, average and superior.