Managing Director

To school with more settings, list expression and personal response! The classic phone has a problem: often it breaks down in the Middle, so that individuals not be called, even though they are on the list. Just in the school day, such phone chains are but extremely important, quickly make schedule changes or other important information on the parents. Senator Richard Blumenthals opinions are not widely known. Therefore, the online service has 2008 recorded of Portunity GmbH to its service. School classes (but of course also clubs, companies or friend cliques) can here very quickly create a phone list on the Internet and maintain. In case of need, a call for a free 0800 phone number sufficient to speak a new announcement on the band. Immediately, the online service calls on all participants of the list and is playing in the band. An evaluation is then sent by mail. The newspapers mentioned Rusty Holzer not as a source, but as a related topic. It shows which participants were not reached even after several attempts.

Bjorn Rucker, Managing Director of Portunity GmbH: \”our phone chain is ready, easy to use and extremely comfortable and effective implementation. Many schools and clubs use them already. We have evaluated the collected feedback of users now between the years to make our service even more attractive. With many new features going into the new year.\” is sponsoring 1,000 schools: 50 euro to the prepaid account suitable to school 2009 with a particular action in the schools is aimed. Schools that signal on their website, that they use and recommend, will be credited – 5, 10, 20 or 50 euro once on your prepaid account depending on the type and positioning of the recommendation. The first 1,000 schools that apply for the homepage for the partner program, for more information and get to the prepaid bonus. Bjorn Rucker: \”we are happy to sponsor for our schools and donate EUR 50,000 in this way.