Make Debt Restructuring

Credit Debt Restructuring – an agreement with the lender by the borrower, who has difficulty with the repayment of its financial obligations, the new scheme of repayment. To receive the financial services must apply for a debt restructuring, as well as put together a package of documents. Statement of each client to restructure the loan is considered on an individual basis. Upon review of specialist will contact the borrower to assign the date and place of signing an additional agreement. If the cause can not repay the loan on time (illness, job loss, etc.) really are objective, the Bank will forward.

The bank must be convinced that the problem was temporary and that the borrower does not abandon its obligations to pay the loan. Terms of restructuring the loan chosen for each has addressed individually. In practice, banks operate in the reservoir firms working under a contract of assignment. Such firms are searching for their own debtors, very private all starts with phone calls. As a matter order the debtor to offer to pay the full balance idnorazovo. If the debtor fails to repay the debt, the bank’s agents offer a faster version of the loan. This could be installments of 3-6 months, but not more. May fare worse case, if the bank has sold your debt kolletorskomu agency.

In such situations agency takes more drastic measures, because it zatartilo their funds to purchase the debt. Most likely to the debtor shall immediately make a claim in court, and impose a lien on, the existing movable and (or) real estate. After the trial, the debtor may apply coercive measures vyzskaniya debt by Treatment vyzskaniya arrested at the property. In addition, in the executive proizvosdtva may be banned from leaving the debtor outside of our country.