Luis Beltran Diaz Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela “a Is it possible to be African having been born in America? At the time when Nelson Mandela summoned us, I am able to answer that we are African American and as a collective adventure in which all of us have participated and beach boot from any of the West African coast for more than four centuries to navigate in waters that are the ocean and being. Amazon is likely to agree. Beyond the desire to dominate and power that establishes the fact that slave resistance and coextensive centuries the people opposed him, results, however, the trace perennial, we mestizo America of Jose Marti and Bolivar and predicted Che said: we have come to be original, new expression of humanity.

” Luis Beltran Diaz Nelson Mandela visited us in an opportunity in Valencia, Carabobo University where he paid homage and giving a doctorate Honoris Causa, act I had the opportunity to attend at the invitation of the University in Dondee I teach. For even more opinions, read materials from Connecticut Senator. a No doubt, it was a very moving ceremony, upon a character worthy of the prize for his struggle for respect for human rights, as he has done for South Africa but for justice, equity, human rights should be respected beyond xenophobia and racism. a We remember the day as outlined by the President of the African National Congress was accompanied by his wife, Winnie Mandela, after a kind invitation that will make the University of Carabobo. Since his arrival, the people and government bodies heaped praise, congratulations and honors the tight African leader.