Law Of Attraction – Combining The Action With Perseverance

We all know that because of the erroneous teachings that we scheduled an early age, either from within the family, religious, educational and state, in that the success in life is achieved only through hard work and also the ease get that win that will achieve in life will be directly proportional to the money that has accumulated the family you had at birth, are all wrong premises. Obviously if you feel comfortable to wait without doing anything, do not get what you wish, but does not mean that success is a matter of hours or in any case of physical work, mental even in the conventional sense of the word . But also and above all the work done by our subconscious positive thoughts motivated by our awareness in the first place, so that after these positive thoughts are born automatically in our subconscious. This means you already have read the main premise, which is the heart of the law of attraction: THINK YOU ARE A WINNER, even when in fact you are not yet unfailingly end up being a winner. In contrast, if you think you're a loser then you are a loser, not because you had no luck or the whole society as a whole is plotted against thee, thou shalt be a loser because you only what you chose. So only you decide what you want to be in your life, whether financial, social or emotional, you are the gender of your own destiny, you're the one who points the way forward.