John Kay Strategy

The strategic planning: That is to say, the selection of the courses of action to follow to reach the intentions. The strategic implementation: The process of preparation of different actions anticipated in the plans. The strategic control: The set of adjustments and corrections to realise during the implementation process to maintain the course correct But that happens with the companies? they know a clearly concept of the strategy? Their leaders that determine daily maneuvering of the organizations, are lost so before a persistent turbulence, changes in the international economy and a threatening growth of a more and more injurious globalisation at world-wide level that is difficult to them to be able to realise an exhaustive strategic analysis of the organization. The strategy not this determining directly by the option that decides the high direction, does not try any more to decide on differentiation or leadership in costs, hybrid strategy or of added value, the same has a complex reach much more As well as on the camp, the strategy is based according to the warlike power that owns a country, the same happens with the companies, the strategy is always based on the resources that the company has and that can to really confront to the goals and lineamientos delineated in the time that creates necessary to be able to reach the wished objective. Notes: In order to study the concepts of strategy in each organization, the book of John Kay, for Foundations corporate success: How business strategies add VALUE, Oxford University Pres. 1993. Several levels of strategies exist: First she is the one that is known like corporative strategy, involves those deciones which they reached all the company, are concentrated generally in the high direction and its main purpose is to create and to maintain a balance of portfolio of businesses. In this level the vision settles down, general mission of the company and policies for the development of the organization.