Iraq Oil

This history of crisis comes if dragging during many years, the truth it is that we were been deceptive. It is clearly that the world-wide government wise person of what it was for coming, particularly the greedy ones of this century that does not want to know if goes will harm somebody or something, they only want more and more power. According to Colin J. Campbell, (It sees, April, On-line, special notebook, economy,) ‘ ‘ The oil is today one of the main incognito in the way of the growth global.’ ‘ Since that the first barrel of oil was extracted of the soil with the objective to move an automobile, is speculated on on the end of this fuel. Nobody still has a reply on when it goes to finish. Today, the conflict in Iraq has pressured the price of the oil, but the tragic one is that the production reached limit tax for the nature.

This is the difference. In the too much crises, the price of the barrel blew up, but packed for conflicts that limited the production and offers. Shock of the decade of 70, for example, was influenced by the Arab-Israeli confrontation in 1973 and the fall of the government of the Anger, in 1979. It did not have natural restrictions, but, yes, politics. Now the situation is entirely different. The main impact of the technology has been, in the truth, to keep high levels of production in known reserves.