Internet Telephone

ADSL (Asymmetric Digital subscriber loop) is a transmission technique which, applied on the telephone network subscriber loops, allows transmission over them of data concerning high speed. It uses higher frequencies that female employees in telephone service and without interfering in them, thus allowing simultaneous use of the loop for telephone service and to access data services through ADSL.comparativa ADSL. Asymmetry that characterizes the ADSL systems assumes that it offers greater capacity of transmission in the descending sense call (of the telecommunications network to the user) in ascending (from the user to the network). This makes them especially suitable for applications like access to Internet based on Web systems, where the volume of information received by users is significantly greater control commands generated in navigation.Offers ADSL. To access these new possibilities is necessary, first, that the local plant that we currently serves the telephone service has been endowed with media ADSL by the network operator. In the case of Telefonica Spain, S.A.U. being carried out this action through the development of a coverage plan, which has already reached most of its network access lines. It is also necessary that telephone service is us is paying through a conventional loop of copper whose characteristics allow the introduction of ADSL, which may experience difficulties especially in long loops.

ADSL news. Additionally requires that we have hired about this loop no incompatible with ADSL service, such as piped music, IBERCOM, Teletax, the network Delta, lines of backup, leased circuits (Frame Relay, IP core) or teletarificacion by means of impulses to 12 kHz. Subscribers to the telephone service of Telefonica of Spain, S.A.U. can hire services employing ADSL to other operators who, by making use of the means deployed by the latter, set up and marketed so both this company direct users their own offerings.Offers ADSL and calls. Moreover, other operators may also incorporate their networking capabilities of access based on ADSL, although only Telefonica of Spain, S.A.U., as the dominant operator of telephone service, is subject to conditions specific regulatory for it.