Internet Computer

All the professionals who must produce or transact information by this means must be kind to that their yield is not decreased by the simple fact of not to have developed sufficiently their typing skills to approach the challenge to produce or to transact information in opportune time and without own errors of the handling of the language in which they communicate. There is several slope in the communication by Internet of which one is due to be pending, of way of not producing doubts of our professionalism; The young students in the educative field formation or qualification, that must give samples of the application of the acquired knowledge for which they are formed or developed, must present/display works elaborated by means of computer science means, reason why they require great typing skill and they can be safe of that what they produce or they transact with two fingers can quintuple it with the ten fingers and that can reduce to the run times or elaboration in the same proportion, which will affect its academic yield, everything is question of to apply the established methods and to develop its skills with the sufficient probity. She is really worthy of applause the action undertaken by some Latin American governments, to try to incorporate some computer science initiatives concerning the scholastic beginning by means of programs like a computer by student in each school, that although logically seems a panacea all know that the idea is very good and in the long run it will produce positive results as long as him of the academic direction adapted, since the computer as an isolated being does not produce results much less and the automatization of the education as it seems to be the desire of the governors. In order to develop its typing skills to the maximum or to acquire them if it does not own them I invite it to visit sub. page technical Formation of the page Web where it found MECAGRATIS that is a connection where it found the system that completely increased its speed in the board of its computer free I authorize and it so that is recommended it to all that one that has necessity of an action but agreed to its student, professional condition or of personal development when producing some form of communication to by means of the use of computer science equipment.