International Festival

One of assediados letristas becomes of the time and is successful with Edu Wolf the Festival of the Record of 1967, with the song ' ' Ponteio' '. Again in partnership with Gil it composes ' ' Soy Loco for You, Amrica' ' , and it integrates the historical record ' ' Tropiclia' ' (68), to the side of Caetano, Gil, Mutants, The GAL Coast, Tone Z, Rogrio Duprat and Torquato Grandson. Still it makes partnerships with great names of music, as Jards Macal (in ' ' Gotham City' ' , vaiadssima in IV the International Festival of the Song of 1969), Fagner (in ' ' As if Fosse' ') Geraldo Azevedo (in ' ' It will be All For Todos' '). In 2000, &#039 composed the opera; ' King Brazil 500 Anos' ' to the side of Fernando Cerqueira and Golden Pablo. The city never left of being praised, however to exaltar its largeness however to state the impressions personal. It is this visual impact that constitua the first tradition if to form around the city. The relations of the diverse poets with the city go if modifying with elapsing of the time.

The poetry initially represents the nature, later starts to represent the city without no shame ahead, having in this new perspective a desire of the city for the aesthetic one. In the measure where we introduce modernity we lose the nature, after all, the city configures a new environment for the poet. Baudelaire is the poet who recognizes the new city and the man of multitudes, modernity for it is the possibility to transform into poetical everything that of artificial, grotesco and ugly. The Capinan poet inhabits the city and if it feels pertaining and incorporated. It is the typical man of the multitude, that circulates for the street, if transforming of this form into a common man.