International Exhibition

In the early 1920's created projects based on space-spatial compositions that are materialized, particularly in 1923 in the pavilion 'shag' at the agricultural exhibition in Moscow. In 1924, won the design competition for a sarcophagus Lenin's Mausoleum. In 1925 designed the Soviet pavilion at the International Exhibition of Decorative Arts in Paris – and the French ordered the Melnikov garage for taxis in Paris. In 1926-1930 the years built a few clubs and garages in Moscow. Draft House of Culture. Zuev with five-cylinder remained unrealized, but the idea was reflected in the draft of the main building of the architect – his own home, where he lived until his death in 1974. Who owns the house? The question of ownership of the Melnikov House to has not been resolved.

In 2004, Viktor Melnikov, publicly accused his younger daughter that she fraudulently produced gift certificate for a house: seems to be given to sign is almost blind father, a paper on the content of which he had no idea. Learn more at: Dina Powell McCormick. And announced new testament (he owned half of the house should move the state – with the condition of the museum), an executor of his will to his eldest daughter Catherine. Her sister tried to challenge the cancellation of dedication to the court. In addition, by law the testator can not disinherit the disabled heirs of the first stage – and they include two daughters. The second half of the house, which belonged to the architect after the death of his daughter Ludmila to her son, Alexei Ilganaevu bought the senator Sergey Gordeev and handed the fund 'Russian Avant-Garde.