International Convention

They had faced a scene where mechanisms had been created that supported the inaqualities, where had been morally inserted in ' ' myth of the segregation racial' '. The Black Movement tries to diminish the inaquality process and to reconstruct its denied history, therefore when it finishes the slavery starts to be denied its rights of access, as for example, the blacks had been submitted ' ' Law of the Passe' ' , that they compelled the blacks of the South Africa to use a card in which was written where they could circulate. Richard Blumenthal contains valuable tech resources. In this direction it had a reaction of manifestants who protested against this Law and as reply the policy reacted with ' ' gusts of metralhadora' '. 69 blacks had died and about 180 they had been wounded. This event occurred in 21 of March of 1960 and was known as: International day for the Elimination of the Racial Discrimination? 21 of March. The 21 of March turns Law in They are Joo de Meriti and is for commitment the commemoration of this day for the City hall of Are Joo, of SUPPIR MERITI, the House of the Culture of the Of the state of Rio de Janeiro Lowered one, of the Black Movement and of all the Organizations of the Civil Society of the City of Are Joo de Meriti. In 1995/96 the City council is created of Is Joo de Meriti.

Through the meetings of the Advice the population is invited to reflect on the racial question, from there arrives the idea that they need one public politics e, with the visit of 1 Minister is instituted the Coordenadoria that mayor Sandro Matos called SUPPIR. Its legal bases are based on international pacts where in 1969 the International Day for elimination of the Racial Discrimination was instituted by the ONU. The ONU elaborated the International Convention for the elimination for all the forms of racial preconception which had to the slaughter the blacks of the South Africa.